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We Love You Patricia Bonner

by Stephanie York Blue

Patricia Bonner has more than 50 years of HISD teaching experience, beginning at Albert Thomas Junior High and ending at HSPVA (46 years!). In that span, she inspired countless students to continue their musical journeys into college and beyond. You can find many Bonner protégés in the teaching profession and/or performing professionally. Even students who did not pursue music as a career have been touched by her guidance in some way. Ms. Bonner believes that music enhances the soul and that the arts make us better people. Her teaching has allowed her to share that sentiment with her students, and she is proud to have exposed generations of students to the beauty of the arts.
Now that she’s retired, Ms. Bonner has plenty of time to travel and to give back by volunteering in schools and at church. However, you can still find her at HSPVA assisting with setup for various programs or attending recitals in the newly named Patricia Bonner Recital Hall.
Pat Bonner holds the distinction of being the only living person to have attended every commencement since the school’s inception, and is one of only a few remaining to have taught at all three campuses.
To sum things up in her own words, “She came, she saw, she conquered, she left, but she’ll be back!!!”

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