Drummer Denardo Coleman

Denardo Coleman made his debut on drums at the age of ten on The Empty Foxhole, an album with his father Ornette Coleman, and Charlie Haden (bass), released on Blue Note in 1966. He began touring with Ornette in mid-1980s, and also became his father’s manager. Denardo went on to produce several Ornette Coleman recordings, including the historic In All Languages, featuring two groups: Prime Time and the celebrated original Quartet with Coleman, Haden Don Cherry (pocket trumpet) and Billy Higgins (drums).

Denardo has been involved with many other projects – none more endearing than the work he has done with his mother Jayne Cortez, one of America’s preeminent contemporary poets. With the Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters group, they collaborated on five recordings including Taking the Blues Back Home.

Denardo has just launched Song X Records and Films, the first release being Celebrate Ornette, a box set with multiple DVDs, CDs & LPs including the last performance of Ornette Coleman, who passed away in 2015.

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