Quotation Marks

Inserting “right single quote,” or the “closing single quote.” To type this on a Mac, you type option-shift-] (it’s option-] for the opening one). To type this in Windows you could write what you need in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it in.

Purchase Tickets Button

Purchase Tickets
Copy the code below. Replace the URL (“docfestjazz.org”) with the link to where readers should be directed when they click the button. Be careful not remove the quotation marks.

<a class="button" href="docfestjazz.org">Purchase Tickets</a>


Create new post. Click Categories & Tags and add “event” to the tag field. Click “Publish.” The event will automatically be added to the Upcoming Events page via a shortcode.

Add new Hall of Fame recipient

Add new profile by clicking on Portfolio > Add New. Be sure to include a featured image.

Upload multiple photos to and embed a gallery. The set the gallery type to “tiled mosaic.” Publish the post.

The featured image and title of the post will automatically be added to the Hall of Fame page via a shortcode. The page displays recipients based on the publish date of the post which can be adjusted accordingly.


The 2016 DocFest Program is uploaded to its own page. The image on the Past Events page is linked to the beginning of the gallery.

Adding images, videos, and galleries

Here are instructions for adding media (i.e. images, videos, and galleries) to posts and pages: https://en.support.wordpress.com/add-media/

Adding a video:

  1. After the video is uploaded, you can go into your Media Library and click on it to get a preview of it and information about the file. Near the bottom of that information is a Shortcode. Copy that to the clipboard (see picture 1)
  2. On the page where the video is to go, locate the old video (it will be a similar shortcode) and remove that and paste the shortcode you copied in Step 1. That’s it! (See picture 2)

Add a new post to the front page

The front page of the website can feature three posts. To feature a new post, click Categories & Tags in the post editor and add “featured” to the tag field.  Click “Publish” or “Update.” The post will automatically be added to the front page. Note: If more than three posts are tagged “featured,” the most recently published posts will display.

Adding lined box links

Copy the code below, and paste in the “Text” editor mode. Replace URL with the link to where the readers should go, and “Link label” is what the link would read.

<a class="linkbox" href="URL">Link label</a>
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